Finance the future ?

How does TREE Token work ?

Purchasing TREE Tokens allows you to become shareholder of the TREE Fund, investing in agroforestry impact projects. You money is invested in the plantation of trees and plants combined (agroforestry), in partnership with small-scale farmers organizations, to generate multiple marketable products (coffee, cocoa, timber, cosmetic & medicinal plants,..) and services (like Co2), which reimburse your investment with a potential financial gain, targeted at 3 to 7 % per year. TREE Token allows you to make an investment while making an impact. Yearly dividends are allocated to Token holders based on the performance of the fund. 


Every day, more than 10 million trees are cut. 90 % of these trees are cut to plant crops. This has a devastating effect on climate and natural resources. It jeopardizes as well the capacity of future generations to live in a sustainable way.
Solutions exist and more and more financial institutions and people are willing to fund such projects. But we don’t know where and how to invest in an easy and transparent way.
TREE Token is a crypto-asset allowing everybody to invest in such regenerative agriculture impact projects. Making money while generating impacts.


TREE Token allows you to become a direct shareholder of a crypto-fund investing in Agroforestry impact projects. Agroforestry means combining the plantation of crops together with trees.
Such plantations generate a financial income through the sale of crops (coffee, cocoa, fruits, nuts, cosmetic plants,..), timber and carbon..
They create as well multiple positive impacts on climate, soil, water, biodiversity and farmers revenues. TREE Token’s ambition is to reconcile economy with ecology, by allowing everybody to invest in profitable & impactful projects.


Anybody can buy and sell TREE Tokens even in small amounts and get potential direct financial returns from it. Anybody can follow plantations and impacts generated in a decentralized and transparent way.
Thanks to the blockchain, transaction fees are low, financial returns automatically sent to you, thanks to smart contracts. Products, services and financial flows generated are blockchain registered along supply chains and monitored via the TREE Platform.
Token holders can place selling orders on the brokerage platform to find buyers for their tokens against other crypto currencies or FIAT money.